The live-interview series is going on:
Björn Hekmati and Adeline Seidel have
Prof. Manfred Hegger as their guest.

12. November 2009 || 19 pm  at Central Station Darmstadt

This wintersemester GENERALIST welcomes you to IN GENERAL again: the live-interview series that portraits one personalty.

Manfred Hegger is a well-known member of the Faculty of Architecture at the TU Darmstadt, holding the chair of Architecture & Energy Efficiency. A few days ago he and a team of his staff and students of Darmstadt’s architecture Department won the Solar-Decathlon for the second time. It is is almost impossible not to come across his name when engaging with architecture and sustainability – but what is driving him beside his work at the university? What are the topics that interest him most? What are his points of view – and what were his most formative experiences?

The interview is part of the Sichten13 program – the yearly exhibition of the architecture faculty TU Darmstadt.

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