Call for Papers for Issue No. 3

“Use and Habit”

Entry deadline for synopses is April 9th 2010

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In architecture magazines and newspaper supplements, buildings are generally discussed as being innovations or classics. There we see illustrations of built works, models, and plans. And we read texts about design approaches, construction technologies and who owns what. But the phase from when the first user moves in until protection is granted by the landmarks preservation council – or the building is demolished: the aspect of ongoing communication between the building and its user, appears to be a blind spot in the discourse.

What happens to the architecture after it has left the architect‘s office, when the tradesmen are gone, when the photographers have completed their task? What happens to the architecture when it is handed over to its true destiny – when, to put it quite simply, it is used?
And furthermore: Wouldn‘t it clarify questions about the sense and senselessness of architecture – within the time frame in which the theses put forth as part of the design are proven to be correct, incorrect, or inconsequential?
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