Call for Papers

for Issue No. 4 “SAVING”

Entry deadline for synopses is 30. September 2010

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After the 2008 real estate crisis and the 2009 financial crisis, after scores of governmental aid packages for private-sector businesses, after Greece’s quasi-bankruptcy, and beneath the Damocles sword of devaluation experienced by some EU countries as their ratings fell from triple-A to double-A, the economic developments have recently shown a political reaction: Shortly before the start of the collective World Cup frenzy, the government has gotten the so-called austerity package on its way.

Never before was the German national debt as high as it is now. That’s a statement whose significance—in light of whirling-Dervish-like spiraling debt—will likely already be outdated and replaced by the end of this sentence, but certainly by the end of this text. In its 2010/2 issue titled Saving, GENERALIST wants to deal with a constraint that now seems relevant—not only in regard to the energy industry, but also on a societal level.

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