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dsc_0011We proudly present our NEW Issue!

Yes we do – and we are happy!

The 4th GENERALIST is about

What happens to the architecture after it has left the architect’s office, when the tradesmen are gone, when the photographers have completed their task? What happens to the architecture when it is handed over to its true destiny – when, to put it quite simply, it is used? And furthermore: Wouldn’t it clarify questions about the sense and senselessness of architecture – within the time frame in which the theses put forth as part of the design are proven to be correct, incorrect, or inconsequential?

The issue GENERALIST ‘Use and Habit’ tries to approach this interdependency on a phenomenological level. We collected stories: stories about the use of spaces and the habits reflected in them; about the non-physical transformation of architecture in the utilization process.

You can order GENERALIST online at our publishers website: www.nicolai-verlag.de

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