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ABOUT “Got a Plan”

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dsc_0023Planning takes place in all areas of life. Generally speaking, planning is a characteristic of a rational course of action; it is the attempt, through imagination or the simulation of a plausible or desired future, to attain certainty for making decisions. It thereby serves to define goals, to coordinate different protagonists, to guide or enable the realization of a work and to expand the realm of possibilities.

Planning means having imagination and making a comprehensible presentation of the steps need for taking a concept, often still indistinct, and transforming it into reality. Since this transformation and implementation often has the character of a process, is complex and conceals imponderable aspects – as in the planning of a building, for example – planning is likewise an attempt to mitigate, from the outset, misunderstandings, errors or even acts of God. For this purpose, one looks into the future and sketches out a path, at the end of which the condition imagined in the design becomes reality. Prognosis, scenario and standardization are helpful techniques of planning.

dsc_0036The implementation of complex planning tasks requires the assistance of many. In the process, the plan has the task of providing precise instructions for action, within the respective technical conventions, to all those involved; in this respect, the plan is a cooperative form of communication. For the assembly instructions for playthings as well as long-term development plans, the planner must check whether the plan makes his intentions clearly comprehensible to an imagined recipient or anyone charged with the implementation.

A substantial part of an architect’s activities is occupied with planning—it finds its expression in the plan. The different levels of scale range from regional land-use plans and master plans to details. Beyond that, however, abstract interrelationships such as the time sequence of a construction process are also visualized in plans. Planning is necessary in architecture at all levels and is most often supported by visualization techniques. In contrast to designing on a blank sheet of paper, planning starts with, and is based on, an existing image, vision, idea or design.

The negation of planning cannot be precisely defined. Spontaneity and improvisation make do without traits of methodical action. If they are deployed intentionally, however, at least the non-predictability is then planned. Thus only the intuitively lived present, as it were, gets by entirely without planning. Paradoxically understood, the activity of planning itself already contains moments that are unpredictable and incapable of being planned.

The occupation with the subject of planning holds the risk of concentrating on portraying subject matter from planning theory and methodology from the field of urban and land-use planning. GENERALIST seeks to comprehend the subject differently. The introspection in the work defining the planning process in general might clarify the differences and similarities between varied design disciplines and scales. Examples for interaction between plan and realized work support theses and insights in this subject area, and dissociated observations from the perceptive sciences supply refreshing approaches to the actual work with plans—that is our hope.

INSIDE “Got a Plan”

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“Who plans for whom” by Eric Firley about the planning background of four Parisian housing projects (1770 – 2010)

dsc_0031“Planning the stories that buildings can write – game theory, fiction and architecture” by Geo Reisinger

“Acting without a plan” by Günther Barczik

Dagmar Jäger about methodically tightening the rules in the collective process in “Pocket Placement Line”

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